• Adult diaper

    Adult diaper

    1. Inner layer: Hydrophile Non-Woven
    2. Absorption:Imported Pulp, Tissue Paper, SAP
    3. Stopper: Adhesive tape,Frontal tape,Magic
    4. Back sheet: Water-proof PE Back Layer
    5. Other: Leak guard,ADL,Fabric Glue and so on
    6.Ultra Thin and Ultra Thick are both feasible
  • Adult Pant Diaper

    Adult Pant Diaper

    1.Super absorbency layer.
    2. Soft and refreshing nonwoven surface.
    3.3D leakage proof.
    4.Easy wear on and off
    5.Ultra Thin and Ultra Thick are both feasible
  • Under Pad

    Under Pad

    1.Permeate quickly
    2.Super soft surface OR OEM your LOGO
    3.Fast and effective absorption
    4.With adhesive strip available
  • Sanitary Napkin

    Sanitary Napkin

    All types are available:
    Ultra Thin
    Anion Cotton
    Lady Sanitary Panties

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  • Adult diaper factory
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Tianjin Jieya Women’s Hygiene Products Co.,Ltd. found@1996 with sanitary pads(sanitayr napkins), panty liner, menstrual panty,adult diapers,adult pants diaper(adult pull up diaper),underpad and pet pad with ISO and CE certificated.
It’s located in Tianbao Industrial Park, Baodi District,Tianjin,CHINA and there are 8 production lines,including 4 sanitary napkins,1 pantyliner,1 adult diaper,1 adult pants diaper,and 1 underpad(pet pad).

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